A drawing found early in the Game.

About The Angel's Game[edit | edit source]

The Angel's Game was an alternate reality game set in the Slender Man mythos. The series was highly interactive, with communications with the characters driving part of the story. Despite being set in the same continuity as a number of other series, the Slender Man himself did not appear during the course of the Angel's Game, although a similar entity did. Three students, Josh Rallus, Austin Bradley, and Alana Hudson each took up vlogging for different reasons. Soon after starting, Josh began to receive cryptic messages from what he believed to be a computer hacker. As the three would later discover, the hacker was in fact a being known as the Dweller, who had a much greater purpose than simple hacking. Josh, along with Austin, Alana, and later, Stephen Patrick, were then caught up in the Dweller's eternal struggle against the malevolent force of the Creature, a being that took on a physical form similar to that of the Slender Man.

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About HisCollector and APCollection[edit | edit source]

Following the events of the Angel's Game, Stephen Patrick was beginning to lose his mind and ultimately became a serial killer who called himself Mr. Collector. He was approached by the Slender Man, who brought him to a universe separate from his own where his killings could continue. There, he discovered the existence of alternate versions of himself and his friends, who had plans to start a new video project. Mr. Collector decided to kill them in a Game of his own, although the interference of other entities would ultimately cause him to alter and expand on his plans. This sequel series heavily deals with the concepts of alternate universes and Dimensional Bleeding, as well as the origin and specifics of the Dweller and the Creature's kind.

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About Veil of Inquiry[edit | edit source]

Veil of Inquiry is the blog currently run by Mr. Collector, which he linked to on his final HisCollector post. It tells of a hunter murdering proxies of the Slender Man and Collector's attempts to learn more about it. Bellicose Academy is a blog that was first introduced by Emet Rotter in the late stages of APCollection, which contains relevant information. As the YouTube channel that was seemingly meant to be associated with this series has been canceled and the series was last updated in April 2013, it is seemingly on indefinite hiatus.

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